Drop The Single Use Plastic Items, Go Sustainable

Working and being in the sustainable way of life, we are always on the lookout for ways to reduce our consumption of plastic. One new and fantastic way we’ve recently discovered is Etee. Etee is a Canadian company that has developed a sustainable beeswax coated canvas than can take the place of plastic films and containers for food wraps. 

Our order arrived a couple of days ago and we set to finding out how it works. It comes in colourful,  convenient sheets of various sizes. Just crumple it up to activate it, wrap it around leftovers, or put your lunch inside. Twist it around fruit to keep it fresh, roll it around a sushi roll. It’s easy to clean, easy to use.

We think Etee works really well and is quite an amazing product. It’s interesting to see how it grips itself and how with a little imagination you can wrap up any shape and keep it fresh.

We highly recommend you try this for yourself. Here’s a link to their website https://www.shopetee.com/ 



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