From sustainable materials to end of life solutions.

Eleven of the worlds leading tire manufacturers formed the Tire Industry Project a number of years ago and are making great strides into developing sustainable materials for tire production. From dandelion milk to supplement natural rubber, to biomass based materials into every facet of tires, the push is really on to eliminate petroleum based materials. Some fascinating reading here 

All the major tire manufacturers who account for 65% of the worlds production have announced the objective to produce tires made from sustainable materials.  Recovered carbon black, micronized rubber powder, recycled oils and chemicals from end of life tires will also play a part in reducing the carbon footprint of tire production. Some great companies inhabit this space already and the market is still in it’s infancy. The rate of change of progress in the last couple of years has really been astounding and I look forward to the next 5 years as industry, innovation and consumer preferences all converge into greater acceptance.


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