Biomass Derived VAGNA

(Vertically Aligned Graphene Nano Arrays)

Our Blue Planet (OBP) is pleased to announce a special research project in conjunction with the University of British Columbia Okanagan (UBCO) campus for the development of “BDV” Biomass Derived Vertically Aligned Graphene Nano Arrays (VAGNAs).

Derived from 100% sustainable waste wood products, the structured VAGNAs have been shown to be an extremely conductive material, suitable for use in rechargeable batteries and other energy storage devices. Using a proprietary OBP process, we hope to demonstrate alignment and customization of pore size range spanning from macro, meso, micro to promote superior ion exchange, faster charge times, and superior energy density.

The use of biomass to create graphene nano arrays in the most sustainable way as possible was the overall project driver. Having zero petroleum based carbons as a battery anode will have a dramatic reduction in GHG emissions, and will deviate from current battery anode graphite that is derived from environmentally damaging extractive processes such as mining or from fossil fuel products.

This project is in collaboration with the University of British Columbia – Okanagan CampusĀ 
Engineering Students Project

The UBCO Engineering Team

Dr. Lukas Bichler is the supervising Professor of the special research project – Biomass Derived VAGNA.

Dr. Bichler received his Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering (specializing in Manufacturing, Materials and Solid Mechanics) from Ryerson University, Toronto. Upon graduation, he received NSERC-Postdoctoral fellowship, tenured at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto

Madisyn Szypula – Research Assistant

Madisyn Szypula is a second-year mechanical engineering student currently attending UBCO. Her interests lie in the fields of material science and sustainability. So far in her studies, she has worked as an engineering outreach leader teaching the importance of STEM subjects to future scientists and engineers around BC.

Madisyn chose to become an engineer because it is a profession where she can help make the world a better place. She is excited to work with Our Blue Planet on the BVD project because it involves the areas she wants to focus on in her future career: the environment and the implementation of sustainable practices.

Alexee Gatzke – Research Assistant

Alexee Gatzke is a third-year mechanical engineering student at UBCO. Her studies so far are focused on materials engineering, specifically in graphene. She hopes to continue her studies into her Master’s degree post-graduation. Alexee has a passion for leadership in her community and introducing more students to engineering. She is thrilled to be working with Our Blue Planet where she feels she can have a positive influence on the future of our world.

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