Green Carbon Technologies

These project are in collaboration with the University of British Columbia – Okanagan CampusĀ 

Carbon Black Biomass

Carbon Black from Biomass was selected as a Capstone in 2019/2020 for 4th year engineering students. Carbon black is a very widely used industrial material in any rubber and plastic manufacturing and also in batteries, conductive carbons for touchscreens and paints, inks and coatings. Biomass from wood and waste wood products are converted to liquids which are then converted to solids to form green carbon materials.

Biomass Derived VAGNA

Graphene derived from 100% sustainable waste wood products. The 3D structured VAGNAs have been shown to be an extremely conductive material, suitable for use in rechargeable batteries and other energy storage devices. Using a proprietary OBP process, we hope to demonstrate alignment and customization of pore size range in the graphene spanning from macro, meso, micro to promote superior ion exchange, faster charge times, and superior energy density.

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