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our blue planet

positive change for a sustainable planet

Who We Are

We are passionate about the environment

Clean energy and clean environment are the cornerstones of our founding principles.

Our goals are:

  • To contribute to the switch into renewable energy by developing new sources, and step away from burning fossil fuels that are polluting the only world we have.

  • To be on the vanguard of CleanTech industries by collaborating with like-minded people on worthwhile projects and bring new technologies to market opportunities.

  • To give back something of substance to people who are in need.

  • To be a force of positive change for a sustainable planet.

What We Do

Our Blue Planet is an innovation company based near Vancouver, Canada, with a focus on clean technologies. We are currently involved with projects in three main areas – Industrial Innovations, Green Carbon/Graphite Technologies and Bio-fuels.

Innovation of all sorts is what gets us up in the morning and frequently keeps us up late at night exploring new ideas. We want to move at light speed toward new goals. We are looking for the big leap in technology, the disruption in the marketplace, and to embrace change on all fronts. There’s an urgency to get things done around here and things can’t move fast enough for us. There is always a list of new ideas to be explored, challenges to simplify the complicated and reach beyond the obvious.




Industrial Innovations

Green Carbon Technologies


Leadership Team

Scott Farnham

Scott Farnham

Co-Founder - President & COO

Scott is the technical driver of the company and develops the new ideas, putting the deals together and building teams to bring the projects from concept stage into real, tangible assets.

He has a passion for innovation and works tirelessly on continuous improvement and simplification of products and processes.

Scott has a wide and varied background of industrial design, construction and processing experience. Projects experience on 3 continents has allowed Scott to develop a well-rounded skill set in multicultural settings. His keen interest in cleantech, renewable fuels and energy is driven by the need to develop and implement technologies that contribute to the betterment of environmental conditions.

Scott is an avid backcountry skier, mountain climber and an adventure traveller.

Connie is the essence of an entrepreneur and life-long learner and thrives on experiential and transformational learning, seizing every opportunity for growth and development.  Her passion is to develop innovations for a more sustainable world and it’s this passion that drives her to entrepreneurial activities and to her big picture thinking and strong business acumen.

Her drive in visualizing and seizing opportunities ahead of the competition has allowed her to achieve measurable results and maximize utcomes.

Connie feels privileged to spend a large portion of her time volunteering and mentoring entrepreneurs, so they can purposefully create and make a meaningful difference in the world.

Connie’s other passions are learning, travel, and great food and wine. She and has visited over 40 countries so far, with many more on her bucket list.

Connie Ekelund

Connie Ekelund

Co-Founder - CEO - Organizational Development

Martin von Wolfersdorff

Martin von Wolfersdorff

Technical Advisor

Growth Hacking for Innovative and Sustainable Materials

Martin loves helping clients go to market with innovative, sustainable and alternative materials and grow their business.

He has worked in the entire colour space, from white (titanium dioxide pigments with Huntsman / Venator Materials), over custom colours (thermoplastic masterbatch with Americhem) to black (carbon black with Cabot Corp.).

Through these assignments, Martin has created large network in the chemical and materials industries across all sectors: Plastics; packaging; paints & coatings; paper; food, drugs & cosmetics; rubber and more.

Pieter is an expert in recovered carbon black (rCB), pyrolysis, and sustainability. He has extensive expertise managing R&D for rCB companies in Europe and North America. After obtaining his Chemistry degree from the Hanze University (Groningen, the Netherlands), he started his career as a adhesives compounder. From there he worked as a Rubber Compounder for Fenner Dunlop Conveyor Belting in the Netherlands, where he was in charge of sustainability development of rubber compounds.

In 2015 Pieter developed, built, and manage the first R&D Competence Center fully dedicated to rCB research. He is one of the founding members of the new ASTM D36 rCB committee, and in his current role as Vice Chair, he leads various task groups within the committee. Pieter consults internationally on various topics related to sustainability, pyrolysis, rCB and other sustainable products for the plastics and rubber industry.


Pieter ter Haar

Pieter ter Haar

Technical Advisor

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We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in collaborating, have an issue that needs solving or have an idea for a new innovation… Get in touch with us!